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[ISSForum] The policy file is newer than issues.csv

Hi everyone,

I´m having trouble with a 7.0 network sensor that runs in a IPSO Box. I
had to change the box due to a hardware problem. When I restored the old
files (from another sensor couse my back-up was corrupted) It stoped
sending the responses (e-mail, log DB).

The only error it shows is in /var/log/messages, like this:

Oct 12 18:24:37 ids4 [LOG_WARNING] ISS[23346]: (network_sensor_1) - Policy
event name (NAME_OF_EVENT) could not be found in issues.csv. The policy
file is newer than issues.csv

I checked that issues.csv has the same size in the other sensors.

Anyone has any idea?
Thank´s a lot!

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