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RE: [ISSForum] Installing RealSecureDB on a separate partition.


The ISS install leaves log files in your windows temp directory. If you
can't find them, search for a directory named ISS outside of \Program
Files, filenames like:

I have not come across this problem before, but in lieu of error
messages/logs, I'll speculate a bit. It seems odd that the DB location
should have any impact on the EC install, as these are essentially
separate installs that are launched in sequence by a wrapper that takes
parameters from your input on the DM web pages. If DM or the wrapper get
confused about these parameters, the logs should help you see what
parameters each sub-install was actually given.

Your idea to run the install on C: sounds like a good way to begin
isolating the problem; a DB detach/move/re-attach works eminently. This
is an offline SQL operation only, Realsecure should not notice any
difference, just remember to stop the Realsecure* Windows services

A more sure-fire option is to run the standalone installers
(Database-NormalSetup.exe ?) and EventCollector-NormalSetup.exe ?).
You'll can find these on the Realsecure distribution CD's, possibly on
the DeploymentManager, or download the latest & greates from ISS

To completely pin down the problem, I would try all combinations; both
the DM-initiated install and the separate installs, against both C: and

Good luck,


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Hi all,

We are setting up a Win2K Server with a mirrored partition (C:) for the
Operating System and a second partition (RAID-5) where we would like to
sit the Site Protector Database (D:).  We also installed all of the SQL
and other working files on the OS partition.
While trying to install SP (custom with EC/DB together), the database
gets installed successfully but the Event Collector install keeps on

We're using the latest Deployment Manager SP4 package to install the

Did anyone run into the same issues while redirecting the DB to another
partition on a fresh install?

Would we be better off installing all the components to the mirrored
drive to redirect the RealSecureDB afterwards (i.e. Detach - Move -



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