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[ISSForum] DB SR 1.3

I've got an error during installation of DB_SR_1_3_20041022.xpu:
Installation of update failed. Error: The XPU failed to install.
Waiting for install to complete for package
Starting install of update package
Unpacking update package update\Site_Protector\DB_SR_1_3_20041022.xpu
Installing the update ...
Update file update\Site_Protector\DB_SR_1_3_20041022.xpu has already been
downloaded, no need to download.

No problem with each DB (master, temp, RealSecureDB): disk is not full and
has ehough space on it.
I tried almost all: restart computers with DB and AS, delete and download
XPU again, but without success.

Please, tell me what does it mean: ID=0xc742001c. I asked support about
this, but was answered that it means that someting wrong with DB. But no
problems with DB!

Best regards, Sergey V. Soldatov.
Information security department.

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