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[ISSForum] RSNS and Proventia Inline Appliance Policy to HTML


I have been working with Proventia G-Series Inline Appliances for a
while now and have always been trying to find a way/tool to improve
the visibility that a policy administrator has on the Proventia
G-Series Inline Appliance policy. At present, I haven't found
SiteProtector to have a feature to export Proventia Inline Appliance
and RealSecure Network Sensor Policies to a single file, in which the
policy is displayed in a user-friendly way. Such a feature is quite
important to me as many companies are regulated to document their
network security policies and also provides an easy way to analyze the
RSNS or Proventia Inline Appliance policies. Unfortunately, I wasn't
able to find a utility that allowed me to accomplish this task.

Therefore, I have created a utility called "issPolicy", which allows
exported RSNS and Proventia Inline Appliance policies (" .policy "
files) to be converted to a single HTML file, containing the
Signatures policy, the IP Filters policy, and the Event filters
policy. I've also created some extra options allowing for granular
HTML Policy files to be created based on several specific criteria
(i.e. whether signatures are enabled or disabled, the signature
priority level, whether drop is enabled, depending on the drop option,

I have made this utility freely available in open-source format. The
utility is written in Perl and has been successfully tested on both
Linux (with Perl 5.8) and Win32 (with ActivePerl 5.8) systems.  I've
so-far tested the utility on RSNS 7.0 and Proventia G-Series 8.0
Policies, but it should also work with Proventia A-Series policies
(since those appliances are RSNS-based).

Just thought I would share this utility with the forum as some of you
might have encountered the same policy visibility/user-friendly policy
export limitations of SiteProtector and may have the need for such a

The issPolicy v1.01 utility and examples of RSNS and Proventia
G-Series HTML generated policies are available at the following URL:


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