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[ISSForum] Policy on Proventia A

I've just started a new job at a site where SiteProtector and a
Proventia A are already installed. I've not used ISS IDS since RS 5.0,
so please excuse my lack of knowledge should I be raising a "dead"
issue.  I'm only just beginning to catch up on V. 7.0.

The installed Proventia is utilizing all four monitoring NICs, each
connected to a different network segment -- outside _and_ inside the
firewall.  After searching the documentation, the KB and forum
archives, I have come to the conclusion the Proventia A can only have
one policy applied.  I have advised the customer that this is not an
effective IDS strategy.  The customer is aware of this, but stated that
this strategy was taken as he was told by ISS a year ago that "in the
future" the Proventia would allow one to apply distinct policies to
individual NICs.    

I saw a forum posting dated May 2004 which stated, as of that time,
this capability did not exist.

Does ISS have any plans to implement this capability?

Jason Baeder

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