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[ISSForum] Site Protector server performance

Hi All!

We have an SP 2 machine with a 1 GHz CPU and 512 MB. This is well below
the recommended values, so it is expected that the system is under load.

To see how many events were created on a single date I ran this query:

Select count(*) from dbo.SensorData where AlertDatetime > '2004-11-17'
and AlertDatetime < '2004-11-19' 

This reported a bit over 16K. Running it for several different days, I
the number ranges between 15K-20K. To me, that see like very few data
sets to be dealing with over the course of a day. Still the system was a
100% cpu usage over half of the time. 

So what is it that the system is doing all the time. SPSenCtrl.exe was
well over half of the CPU Time. With sqlserv.exe at about 25%. So, with
so few events (in my opinion) what is the system busy doing?

Any info is greatly appreaciated.


Jim Mohr

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