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[ISSForum] Diffs on InetScanner in SiteProtector

I think that a natural analysis function of a network mapper tool is to
compare the current state of a network with a previous benchmark.


Based on that, I'm wondering if there is already a function built into
SiteProtector (or even into the Inet Scanner tool) which would compare a
previous scan result with a current scan result, and show the diff's
(differences) between a previous scan, and a current scan?  Is this just
a custom (Crystal) report, or is there some other tools or process to
accomplish this?


Further, has anyone had any significant success in creating other
reports in SiteProtector that address the results found in Inet Scanner
vulnerability scans?  I'm looking for more advanced reporting
functionality, particularly in regards to presenting scanning &
vulnerability information.  I'd really like a report that would list all
computers that have a given TCP or UDP port active.  


Any help would be appreciated.


Dan Widger

Security Engineer

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