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[ISSForum] Signature Configuration File Change


I have a question about one BlackIce Signature.
In the documentations stands if the firewall.ini oder the intrution.ini would be change that blackice would trigger this event. But in a company where i work. We have about 400 clients but this event is not trigger when we change the policy or the profile. Is it possible that ISS only means the autoblocker (autoprotector) that would trigger this event when it would be change?

An other question is the importance of the signature. I am not realy shure but is this event very important because some users use their notebook in different networks (different ip addresses) ? When they arrive in the office and blackice send the event to the siteprotector console i do not knwo if the user was the traget or the source of an attack why the network card work in promiscous mode.

Can somebody help me?

Best regards

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