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[ISSForum] XPU update problem


I applied update on an server sensor but failed. I checked the update
log and found the following message, could anyone help me? Thanks!


2004/12/17 12:26:59.15 T:061c CRsspXpu::InitTraceFile	Tracing is
2004/12/17 12:26:59.15 T:061c CRsspXpu::Initialize	Processing
2004/12/17 12:26:59.17 T:061c CRsspXpu::ProcessUpdatePolicy
---Stopping BlackICE service---
2004/12/17 12:26:59.17 T:061c
issServiceController::ConnectToServiceManager	Can't connect to service
BlackICE: 1060 - "The specified service does not exist as an installed
2004/12/17 12:26:59.17 T:061c CRsspHelper::StopGenericService	Could
not connect to service manager to stop issDaemon.  Trusting it to stop
itself properly and will try to continue.
2004/12/17 12:26:59.17 T:061c CRsspXpu::ProcessUpdatePolicy	Rolling
back the update.

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