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[ISSForum] NIDS 7.0 Not Responding & /etc/init.d/realsecure script failed SunOS 5.8

I've running Network Sensor 7.0  on SunOS 5,8
Sometimes i see 'Not Responding ' status in RSSP Console
I've try to stop/start sensor with realsecure script but see 
'/etc/init.d/realsecure: test: unknown operator 6'
only kill -9 help in this situation
Maybe somebody face with this problem

# /etc/init.d/realsecure status
RealSecure: issDaemon                     [running]
RealSecure: network_sensor_1              [not-installed]
RealSecure: network_sensor_2              [not-installed]
RealSecure: network_sensor_3              [not-installed]
RealSecure: network_sensor_4              [not-installed]
# /etc/init.d/realsecure stop
/etc/init.d/realsecure: test: unknown operator 6
# /etc/init.d/realsecure start
realsecure.sh: issDaemon is currently running: PID=209

Best regards,
Toloshny Denis
IT Security Team,
Russia, Moscow, JSC "TransTeleCom"
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