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[ISSForum] Ignore events in Desktop Protector

I use RS Desktop Protector (RSDP) with Site Protector. The only way to
ignore event I know is to add event ID to trust.issue list (Is this so?). I
told RSDP to ignore HTTP_Favorites_Icon_Overflow (added 2002555 to
trust.issue), but it continues to be triggered! Moreover, after this
signature triggered I found a lot of hosts ('intruders') blocked by
auto-blocking feature of RSDP's firewall for a day, but auto-blocking
feature is switched off in my configuration (Because I can't configure the
period of auto-blocking from GUI, I decided not to use this feature)! It's
100% bug came with nearest update because formerly everithing was OK. Has
anyone faced with similar problems??
Also I intersted in:
1. Is the only way to ignore signature to add its ID to trust.issue?
2. Is the only way to edit auto-blocking period to edit conf files, and
there is no way to do this from SP GUI?
3. How can I tell RSDP do not block packet when it found special signature
in it? AFAIK there is no way to configure this, but, hope I'm wrong...

Any feedback will be appreciated.
Thank you all!

Best regards, Sergey V. Soldatov.

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