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[ISSForum] Applying Response

Dear all,

Recently i have installed a ISS SiteProtector and i have problem in applying a customised response.   I created a new network response using the derive new button and after configuring the new response when i try to apply the response to a sensor, i get a message saying that the response is successfully applied and the status of the sensor goes to stop mode and then when i try to start the sensor i get a failed message and the error message i get is "Sensor failed to initialize and exited.  Please check the event log on the sensor machine" but i don't see any error message in sensor machine.  Please let me know what is the solution for this problem.     I am able to successfully apply the built-in network response to the sensor without any errors.


G G Venkat Raman

"Excellence is not a destination; it is a continuous journey that never ends."

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