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[ISSForum] Preventia mailfilter---- problems with it and Exchange 5.5

Hi everyone , I hoping someone can help us out we have installed the
preventia mailfilter, and we run exchange 5.5 we are a college campus and we
rely on webmail for students to check there mail. Unfortunately we come
across a problem with exchange 5.5 and the mail filter causing the webmail
interface to hang and not allow anyone to check mail.
 The way the mailfilter send along all the good email to out mail server is
thought an Imap connections we believe that there are too many imap
connections (which is a known problem with exchange 5.5 but there is no fix
for it).
 Is anyone running the mailfilter with exchange 5.5 and are they having this
type of problem or any others if so what kind of resolutions have to come up
with to solve if it is solved at all.
 Thank you 

Peppino Muraca
Network Administrator
320 Washington st.
Easton, MA 02357 
Tel. 508-565-1193
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