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[ISSForum] Updates and Certificate issues

All. I recently ran some updates to the SP DB, SP Core, and event collector
which required an update to the console running on my laptop. The error
points to an issue with the certificate:

"Couldn't open https connection with App Server: Failure during call to
HttpSendRequest: InternetSendRequest GET failed:
ERROR_INTERNET_SEC_CERT_CN_INVALID - SSL certificate common name (host name
field) is incorrect.
Showing dialog..."

This is preventing me from being able to update my console. Has anyone seen
this and is there a way to either "fix" the certificate or force the
software to accept it. We are not using commercial certs from a CA these
are just the certs that are native to the SP software. Unlike IE or Mozilla
there is no prompt giving the choice to accept the cert and continue. It
seems like this should be an easy fix but I'm out of ideas.

Chris Norris
American Modern Insurance Companies
Sr. Security Engineer
IS Risk and Security Management
7000 Midland Blvd.
Amelia, OH 45102
Ph: 513-947-5454
email: cnorris@xxxxxxxx

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