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[ISSForum] ISS SiteProtector and the Proventia A604 appliance questions


I have a few questions regarding the ISS SiteProtector and the Proventia 
A604 appliance that I hope that you can help me with:

1)      I am going to relocate a Proventia appliance to a new customer and 
provide them access to the box. I do not want them to be able to view old 
log files or policies on the appliance. How can I delete old policy 
configurations and log files using the CLI on the box?

2)      I have configured a response policy with a SNMP trap destination 
and mail server. I am able to receive traps and mails when attacks or 
audit events occur. How do I configure the SiteProtector so that the 
appliance sends a trap and a mail when a new policy is installed on the 

3)      I get a lot of sensor error alerts of the following format: 
"Coalesced issue not found: 2000309, continuing". What could be causing 
these errors?

4)      Is it possible to view in the SiteProtector how many packets that 
have been dropped by the Proventia appliance?

I have updated both the SiteProtector and the appliance to the latest 

Thank you very much for your help!


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