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[ISSForum] Difference between LogDB and Display ???

Dear Members,

I can see multiple responses in signatures like
email,LogDB,Display,snmp etc

I have certain queries on difference between LogDB and
Display . I think LogDB will log the events captured
by event collector to the sql server where as Display
option will only display it in sitepro console.

ISS support told me that whatever i see in Sensor
Analysis tab in console is being fetched from the
database. If so how do i see events being configured
to just display and not to log to database ?

Then whats the difference between LogDB and Display ?

In that case how do i generate reports from database ?

My Sitepro version is of Version 2.0 SP4. Has ISS
changed the way of logging events in this release ? If
so why have they provided both Display and LogDB in
signature responses ?

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