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[ISSForum] Database full

I've inherited a badly neglected RealSecure installation.
The first thing I see is that the database primary space is full (22,750 MB)
and that automatic maintenance is turned off.
I can't tun on maintenance purge/shrink from the console because I can't get
the command to the DB server naturally enough - the primary space is full
The *really* bad news is that because the primary space is full I can't stop
the automatic maintenance :-((
DB version is 2.0 (XPU 1.36)
Looking the Knowledge base I see that answer ID #1145 says that I can use
exec iss_PurgeSD '1/1/2001'  (using a date of my choice of course)
Before I run this from the MSSQL Query Analyser can somebody advise me of
any traps I should avoid and what effect if any will not stopping the
automatic maintenance have?
Peter Landers

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