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RE: [ISSForum] Database full


You have 2 options:

1) Dump all data using stored procedure to truncate tables

2) Allocate the Database enough space (a few GBs) to where you can purge
some data out. This is done in SQL Enterprise Manager in the properties
of RealSecureDB.

Purges take lots of time to complete so if one is started after some
space is regained, be prepared to wait while this completes. Depending
on the size of the database, the hardware, and the amount you want to
purge, this may take several hours to complete.

See knowledge Base article #2345 for more info on this.


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I've inherited a badly neglected RealSecure installation.
The first thing I see is that the database primary space is full (22,750
and that automatic maintenance is turned off.
I can't tun on maintenance purge/shrink from the console because I can't
the command to the DB server naturally enough - the primary space is
The *really* bad news is that because the primary space is full I can't
the automatic maintenance :-((
DB version is 2.0 (XPU 1.36)
Looking the Knowledge base I see that answer ID #1145 says that I can
exec iss_PurgeSD '1/1/2001'  (using a date of my choice of course)
Before I run this from the MSSQL Query Analyser can somebody advise me
any traps I should avoid and what effect if any will not stopping the
automatic maintenance have?
Peter Landers

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