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AW: [ISSForum] Database full

Here is a proceedure I got from Matthew Ward of ISS some time ago. If you have the MSSQL Query Analyzer installed, then you do not need to run osql from the command line. Note that each time you run the query to delete data, it takes a while. You might also want to try more than one day.

First, shut down all the SiteProtector services. Then, the next step is to attempt to give yourself a little more space to work with
    C:\osql -E -Q "ALTER DATABASE RealSecureDB MODIFY FILE (NAME='SiteProtector site database primary data file', SIZE=2048MB)"

Then you want to find the earliest date that your data is so that you can start purging the data one day at a time to free up more space.
    C:\osql -E -d RealSecureDB -Q "SELECT MIN(ObservanceTime) FROM Observances (NOLOCK)"

Once you have the earliest date, try purging one day at a time to free up some memory.
    C:\osql -E -d RealSecureDB -Q "exec iss_PurgeSD '2003-10-14'" C:\osql -E -d RealSecureDB -Q "exec iss_PurgeObs '2003-10-14'"

To find out how much space you have free in the database, use the following command:
    C:\>osql -E -d RealSecureDB -Q "exec sp_spaceused"

If you can't purge because you still don't have enough space, you can also try truncating the following tables to get at least enough space to try to purge one day at a time:
    C:\>osql -E -d RealSecureDB -Q "truncate table SensorDataUpdates"

And if you don't mind losing all the details behind all of your event data, you can try the following, but this should be used as a last resort if the above doesn't work:
    C:\>osql -E -d RealSecureDB -Q "truncate table SensorDataAVP"

Once you have approximately 100MB free, you should be able to start SiteProtector up and run the automatic database maintenance mentioned above. Those automated procedures should get your system back to a healthy state. As I stated at the biginning, this may not work, MSDE generally does not recover well when it gets full, so there may be nothing left to try except a re-install. I hope this helps.

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> Greetings,
> I've inherited a badly neglected RealSecure installation.
> The first thing I see is that the database primary space is 
> full (22,750 MB) and that automatic maintenance is turned 
> off. I can't tun on maintenance purge/shrink from the console 
> because I can't get the command to the DB server naturally 
> enough - the primary space is full :-( The *really* bad news 
> is that because the primary space is full I can't stop the 
> automatic maintenance :-(( DB version is 2.0 (XPU 1.36) 
> Looking the Knowledge base I see that answer ID #1145 says 
> that I can use exec iss_PurgeSD '1/1/2001'  (using a date of 
> my choice of course) Before I run this from the MSSQL Query 
> Analyser can somebody advise me of any traps I should avoid 
> and what effect if any will not stopping the automatic 
> maintenance have? Regards, Peter Landers
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