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[ISSForum] Problems with XPU updates after SP5 - SOLUTION

We have had numerous issues with this with our clients. I thought I
would publish the solution: 
SP5 has changed the way XPUs and updates are downloaded. This has
introduced a problem for those people using proxies, proxy-firewalls, or
Internet-content filters (like websense). 
When something is downloaded over HTTP, it has a content-type associated
to it. Common types are "application\msword" or "image\jpg". 
When Site Protector connects to the ISS site, the communications use a
non-standard content-type for their XPU updates and downloads. If you
use a proxy firewall, proxy device, or are doing any content-type
restrictions though an Internet content device, ISS's XPU updates will
fail because of this unusual content type.
The content type ISS is using is "application\octect-stream" 
The standard content type is "application\octet-stream"
Many firewalls and proxy devices will not recognize this content type.
As such, they will block it. You may need to reconfigure your
proxy/firewall to allow this content type.  If your firewall or proxy
servers do not do any blocking based on content type, then this issue
should not be a problem for you. 
XPU updates also do not happen exclusively over port 443. Site Protector
downloads information off the ISS site first using regular old HTTP.
Then it switches over the HTTPS for the actual downloads. 
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