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[ISSForum] Site Protector Version

Hello All -

I've inherited a badly maintained Site Protector installation that I am
trying to mend. I had the sytem back to a usable state and was applying
SP Core updates via the console. After my last round of updates I am
unable to connect to the server. The message I receive indicates that
my client is apparently newer than the server version and I cannot
connect. From what I can tell, the error is happening in the jvm. The
only service I am able to start at this point is the application
server, the apache & sensor controller services do not start.

All software/db sits on a single host.

The install CD lists the software as 2.0SP3 - I wasn't paying close
attention to the patches as they were applied so I am unsure where in
the chain the process broke.

If any of you have wrestled with this in the past I would appreciate
some input. I haven't tried reinstalling the JVM however that's next
on my list.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.



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