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Re: [ISSForum] tempdev and templog full

Yes, turn on the maintenance jobs, but even then, you
need to check the SQL db logs of these jobs to be sure
these jobs are functioning normally. Mine were not
even working properly, so I had to go in a manually
fix them. My db went from 70 GB down to 5. LOL!



--- "Bruetsch, Markus (ISS California)"
<MBruetsch@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Cesar,
> You need to turn on the database maintenance option.
> This will enable regular purges of your data.
> You can configure for how many days you want to keep
> which type of data.
> Also you need to turn on Emergency purge, which is
> also configurable. You can define at what threshold
> the emergency purge will start to delete data.
> You have to do that by right click on the SP
> database in the SP console, the choose SiteProtector
> database, then Database Maintenance.
> In addition, you need to carefully inspect your
> policies and examine which events you have turned
> on.
> i.e. If you have the Attack and Audit policy
> enabled, you will get many thousands of events, most
> of them might not be relevant for your environment.
> Regards,
> Markus
> -
> Markus Brütsch, CISSP, CISM
> TZ: US Pacific
> mailto:mbruetsch%40iss%2enet
> <snip>

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