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[ISSForum] Event Collector error

On my remote event collector server (Event Viewer logs) which stopped
(EventCollector_XXXXX)- Could not decrypt database password from policy
Via the https interface I get this error
An Error has occurred. Error Message:Connection refused. No connection
could be made because the target machine actively refused it. This
usually results from trying to connect to a service that is inactive on
the foreign host - there is no server application running.
Another error
(EventCollector_XXXXX) - Fatal error! The Event Collector cannot connect
to the database or there is a database error: The Event Collector must
shutdown its connection to the database and the sensors in order to
prevent events from getting lost. This could be due to a
misconfiguration of the Event Collector, network communication problems,
or a problem with the database itself (e.g. database full).
Which it is not.
>From the desktop controller
(DesktopController_XXXXX) - OnError from The credentials
(name, public key) announced by the peer during session authentication
conflict with those configured for this session. [ID=0xc7200005]
The database is located on which can talk fine to (remote event collector)

Steven Nichols

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