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[ISSForum] Realsecure IDS Issue!!

Hi Gurus !!

I've got somewhat of a problem or group of problems which involve ISS
RealSecure I can't get rid of the error message.

I have tried everything suggested in the "help" I have two detectors and the 
one that seems to be causing the problem shows these errors in the event 
log. The application view in the event log keeps filling with these events. 
Plus this particular detector always seems to be "maxed out" and I have to 
reboot to get it back to a normal operation, where the processor isn't 
screaming to a point where I think it's going to melt! The machine in 
question has plenty of processor power (2600 PIV) with 512MB of ram. In fact 
all of the machines (Daemons and Console) are the same. I am also having 
some problems synchronizing the database too.

Please suggest me what should i do .

Waiting for your promth reply.

Best Regards,

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