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Re: [ISSForum] The need for Rack-mount Kit of Proventia M10

  I don't know how to handle problem 2 regarding the space occupied by a tray-solution, but problem 1 should be easy to solve using heavy duty velcro-tape.
  When I worked in a company that provided computer og network equipment for large supertankers and containerships, we allways used velcro to secure everything from networkcomponents to computers and monitors, so it that would not fall in stormy weathers. So it should also be a durable solution when dealing with earthquakes and clumsy technical personel ;-) 
/Jesper N.


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Emne: [ISSForum] The need for Rack-mount Kit of Proventia M10

Dear all:

Some of our customers need to mount the M10 to the standard 19" rack,
 which is the "2-post" rack called "open rack".

I know you may recommand me to add a "tray" to the rack and
 simply put that M10 on it.

In some way, that bring up problems:
1. The tray may not have rims surrounding it. The M10 may fall
 when undergoing earthquakes.
2. Most IDC company count the rent by "U" space occupied.
 So, additional tray to the rack may bring additional fee to the customer.
 That may impede M10 selling.

I'm asking that either ISS consider providing such Rack-mount kit to M10,
 or you guys kindly suggest me the best solution for that need.

>From Digital United Inc.

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