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[ISSForum] Troubles with installing XPU's

Hi all,
 Currently I am having issues applying ANY XPU update on a Realsecure
Siteprotector 2.0 SP 5.2 environment. Everytime I try to update a Server
Sensor I receive the following error:
  Installing update package SiteProtector/SPSS_POLICY_20041214.xpu
Installation of update failed. Error: Could not find XPU Target.
Acquire master status on Sensor ss_SENSOR@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(#11) successful.
Installing the update ...
Update file SiteProtector/SPSS_POLICY_20041214.xpu has already been
downloaded, no need to download.
 When I try to update one of the Internetscanners, I receive the exact same
error message.
 However, when I try to update the SP Core (running SP 5.2.) it shows
a 5.1update for the Database, it can be installed, but nothing changes
in the
console, nor does the Available Update column change from Yes to No.
 Has anyone seen this before and know what to do? Right now I am kinda stuck
with the situation.

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