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[ISSForum] XXP_Port_Scan

Hi, List

Sometimes there is no :intruder-port in (TCP|UDP)_Port_Scan signature
details and without :reason too. Why?
As I mentioned before, I faced with a great number of false positives (I
think so) with HTTP replies from Web-sites: all highly-loaded
web-servers scan my HTTP-proxy. It's easy to investigate if
:intruder-port and :reason are shown in details, but when they didn't
present... So, my question is why sometimes we see :intruder-port and
:reason and sometimes not?
Is it because sometimes :intruder-port is one and it could be specified
in details and sometimes :intruder-port is different for different
probes, so it can't be specified? How can I influence on appearance of
:intruder-port ? Can I somehow correlate :intruder-port with
XXP_Port_Scan triggering (i.e. if  :intruder-port is 80 and tere is no
:reason, port scan signature is not triggering) ?

Best regards, Sergey V. Soldatov.
Information security department.

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