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[ISSForum] Setting up RealSecure SP 6 for disaster recovery purpose

Hi everyone,
I need some help on setting up a DR server for my RealSecure SP 6.
I have an existing server that is running with RSSP 6 and MS-SQL, my task is to setup a new server with the same settings and when there is any problem with my main server. All I need to do is to unplug the network from the main server and connects to my "new server".
1. How to migrate the private keys over to new server (so that I can setup using the same private keys - no sure if this is necessary)
2. How to transfer the operation DB to the new server (daily, so that the DB is up-to-date)
3. If the new server is up, what are the steps to do to ensure all server/network sensors can connects to it
4. Any other information that can help me
Please advise if you can. Thanks in advance
Kelvin Heng
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