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[ISSForum] Possible rack kit for the MX1004

Hello all,
My name is Matthew Ward and I am the Product Manager for the Proventia M
line of products. I noticed a post that you put on the ISS Forum
requesting a rack kit for the Proventia M10.
Within the next 90 days, we are releasing the replacement for the
Proventia M10 (the MX1004) and I have been investigating the possibility
of adding a rack kit for the Proventia MX1004. I want to ask you if the
price for the rack kit will be acceptable: US$99?
The rack kit will hold the MX1004 and its power supply brick in a 1U.
By the way, the MX1004 is equivalent in performance to the M10E and is
approximately the same size, shape, and thermals.
As a future note, please make sure you post enhancement requests like
these through the enhancement request area, preferably through the
customer portal <http://www.iss.net/support/index.html> . This will
ensure that your request gets proper attention and tracking from Product
Matthew Ward
Senior Product Manager - Proventia M
Phone:    +1 404 236 3995
Email: matthew.ward@xxxxxxx
Web: www.iss.net <http://www.iss.net/> 
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