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Re: Recent Spam

In <200001041655.LAA11171@hpdmraaa.compuserve.com>, on 01/04/00 
   at 01:11 PM, redtenbacher@csi.com said:

>I am aware that during recent discussion of previous spam on this list
>some members have suggested that every member increase their individual
>"kill files". However, I cannot consider this to be an acceptable
>solution as it violates one of the design principles of the Internet: "If
>you can do something in one place, don't multiply the effort to many

>Moreover, in Europe many people pay for connection time.
>Therefore downloading spam (and thus paying for it) and then delete it
>(automatically or after inspection) is not a very efficient

This is an *open* list. That means anyone can post here not just
subscribers. We even had David "FUD" Sternlight posting here a while back.
The amount a "spam" is quite lite <10 messages a month. DL times and the
amount of time/effort to hit the delete key is quite insignificant. Not to
mention the amount of time & bandwidth wasted on complaining about "spam"
generally exceeds that of the "spam" being complained about. So called
"solutions" to "spam" generally lead to a more restrictive environment for
all those involved and range from a minor inconvenience for the list
subscribers to the truly draconian.

All in all "spam" is a non-issue and there are really better things in
life to worry about than a few unwanted messages.

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