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Recent Spam

Recently, the level of spam on this mailing list has increased a
lot. I don't know who the operator/owner of this list is, but it
should be quite easy to:

(a) limit postings to this list to subscribers and

(b) ban any repeated spammers like "*www11.heha.net",
    "*ns.secondary.com", "*163.net", "*263.net" and "*cn.com".

I am moderating 2 mailing lists of my own on "onelist.com", and
it is quite easy to do such banning/filtering there. Therefore,
if the "majordomo" software should not be able to do this (I have
not checked it) we might consider switching to another list host.

I am responsible for a major OpenPGP pilot project with currently
ca. 40 cities in Southern Germany which is planned to be expanded
to a lot more cities (for more info [in German language] see
"http://www.redtenbacher.de/signatur/index.htm"). Therefore I
would very much prefer to stay on the OpenPGP mailing list to
ensure that I am always up-to-date on new developments. But I
consider it unacceptable that about 2/3 of all spam which I
receive comes from an IETF mailing list! (Who should fight spam
successfully if even the IETF members can't do it?)

As this list is not a support list for OpenPGP but some sort of
"standards working group", we can easily restrict the posters to
subscribers of the list, and then ban repeated spammers from the
subcriber database.

I am aware that during recent discussion of previous spam on this
list some members have suggested that every member increase their
individual "kill files". However, I cannot consider this to be an
acceptable solution as it violates one of the design principles
of the Internet: "If you can do something in one place, don't
multiply the effort to many places."

Moreover, in Europe many people pay for connection time.
Therefore downloading spam (and thus paying for it) and then
delete it (automatically or after inspection) is not a very
efficient solution.

- Wolfgang Redtenbacher

Redtenbacher Software                Tel.:   +49 7159 17046
Roemerstr. 11/1                      Fax:    +49 7159 17047
D-71272 Renningen                    e-mail: wolfgang@redtenbacher.de