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Re: Return to MDC packet discussion

On Thu, 10 Feb 2000, hal@finney.org wrote:

> We would specify that the reciever MUST NOT attempt to process any MDC
> message with an unknown MDC algorithm (or unknown version, although
> that is already implied).  It must treat the message as an error and
> not process it further, not display it to the user.


> 5.X. Symmetrically Encrypted Integrity Protected Data Packet (Tag 15)

>    Unlike the Symmetrically Encrypted Data Packet, no special CFB
>    resynchronization is done after encrypting this prefix data.


This proposal is fine with me.  To implement this we have to add
feature flags to the public keys or choose an implicit way to decide
when a tag-15 packet should be used or is expected.  Using cipher
algorithms with a blocklength other the 64 bit should still work 
as an implicit criteria.