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Re: OpenPGP-MIME-Draft

When reading "draft-ietf-openpgp-mime-00.txt", I noted 3 typos:

section "2. OpenPGP data formats", 6th line: "to be able _to_
  extract and use ..." [insert "to" before "extract"]

section "3. Content-Transfer-Encoding restrictions", 8th line:
  "(8-bit data MUST be encoded ..." [remove the blank between
  "8-" and "bit"]

section "5. OpenPGP signed data", 1st line of the Note before the
  Example message near the end of the section: "Note: The
  accepted ... convention is ... to end _with_ a <CR><LF>
  sequence." [insert "with" (or "on") between "end" and "a"]

Regarding the 2 listed text variants near the beginning of
section 5 (about the "micalg" parameter), I can live with either
of them.

- Wolfgang Redtenbacher

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