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Re: Implementation doc.

sorry for the late response.

From: Erron Criddle <ejc@comasp.com>
Subject: Implementation doc.
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 10:26:19 +0800
Message-ID: <>

> Although implementation testing is very important and would require 2440bis 
> to remain reasonably static for the that to happen, it may be possible to 
> also implement a document in parallel that accompanies 2440 and would be 
> basically targeted at the implementor. This doc could provide 
> implementation guidelines in a "summarised" fashion and would refer to 2440 
> for further understanding.
> Basically it would be targeted at implementors that are starting
> from scratch.

i am not so sure of what form the output of such a process should take
-- but how about an "annotated rfc 2440" for starters?  we can use
whatever the latest document (bis or rfc) and provide annotations off
of that for clarifying matters.  perhaps some of the annotations can
be merged in a future rfc if people think there are relevant points

> One possible way to move ahead with this document is to make an FTP site 
> available so that anybody could upload their own "summaries" or 
> implementation notes. From this, we can then consolidate the information 
> and create another doc that is a basic guideline for implementing OpenPGP.

i have no problem w/ the mechanism, but the "consolidator" of these
notes may have to be in a position where looking at various
implementation notes does not cause any legal difficulties (cf. the
discussion of being able to claim that one truly created an
independent implementation) -- unless some precautions are taken
w.r.t.  the content of what is uploaded.