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Re: Forward secrecy

Yes, it's a common error, but there is in fact only one correct way: IPsec.

See RFC 2401 or the working group discussion on this topic for more information.

Ian BROWN wrote:
> >IPsec is spelled "IPsec".  Not "IPSEC".
> grepping through the messages in my ipsec WG folder, I find:
> IPSEC 113 times
> IPsec 104 times
> IPSec 38 times
> I also see that the IETF Working Group description begins:
> >Rapid advances in communication technology have
> >accentuated the need for security in the Internet.
> >The IP Security Protocol Working Group (IPSEC)
> >will develop mechanisms to protect client
> >protocols of IP. A security protocol in the
> >network layer will be developed to provide
> >cryptographic security services that will flexibly
> >support combinations of authentication, integrity,
> >access control, and confidentiality.


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