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Re: PGP/MIME: encoding restrictions.

On 2000-07-18 09:42:58 +0100, Ian Bell wrote:

> For example, in draft-ietf-usefor-article-02 (USEFOR)
> it says "Posting agents SHOULD NOT use the encoding
> method quoted-printable". Since USEFOR articles will
> usually contain trailing whitespace (personal
> signatures MUST be delimited by "-- "), clients will be
> unable to post RFC2015bis articles to UseNet without
> breaking one RFC or another.

If you happen to be on the USEFOR list, it would be nice
if you could ask them to add an exception for
cryptographically signed messages just like the one in the
"text/plain; format=flowed" RFC.  After all, a restriction
like the one you quote only makes sense in a context where
MIME is avoided.  People using multipart/signed bother
recipients with MIME anyway, so the
content-transfer-encoding of the text transmitted isn't
really an issue any more.

Thomas Roessler              <roessler@does-not-exist.org>