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Re: OpenPGP as a standard

At 3:49 PM +0800 8/4/00, Erron Criddle wrote:
>To all,
>I'm e-mailing regarding the possibility of OpenPGP becoming a standard.
> From discussions with people who have been involved with the standards
>process, they believe that the OpenPGP RFC has a long way to go before it
>would be accepted as a standard because the processing requirements of
>OpenPGP have been superficially regarded with respect to packet formats
>such as the calculation of the length of a packet and the combined security
>of the actual packet (ie as OpenPGP is a security standard, so NO data
>should be spooled to disk unless it is encrypted somehow).

Huh? Which people?

I agree with Werner. The only things that are needed are for some people to
do some interoperability testing, and buffing and polishing on the spec.
You and others have pointed out places where it's not as clear as it should
be. Lots of us have been looking at it for so long we can't tell. All of
the discussion about things lately has been great for clarifying the spec.

>For example, in order to calculate the length of a stream of literal data
>(before it is prepended with a one pass sig and appended with a standard
>sig, and subsequently compressed then encrypted), you have to spool the
>data to the disk if it is a very large file. In order to maintain security,
>the data SHOULD be encypted to disk, however when we want to build the
>above packet, we would then have to decrypt the data so it could be
>prepended with the 1P sig, appended with the normal sig and then compressed
>then encrypted ONCE AGAIN...etc etc
>This is one example I have been quoted and I cannot say there are
>equivalent examples that "may" slow down the process of OpenPGP becoming a

You bring up an interesting issue, but it has nothing to do with OpenPGP
becoming a standard. Sorry. It's always possible that you *can* come up
with a situation where as an implementor, you have to spool data to disk
while processing it. Cope.

>Can anyone give me any information on the status of OpenPGP in becoming a
>standard as this information would definitely be helpful for those who are
>implementing the OpenPGP RFC.

As has been mentioned, there has to be some interoperability testing done.
That's mainly what has to be done. Then we just need to agree whether 2440
or some later draft progresses, and then push it on the line. If it's a
later draft, then that has to become an RFC.