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Re: mail client implementations problem? bcc and encrypting to multiple recipients

In <Pine.LNX.4.21.QNWS_2.0008220041440.2335-100000@thetis.deor.org>, on 08/22/00 
   at 01:43 AM, "L. Sassaman" <rabbi@quickie.net> said:

>Why don't we make the "wild card" or "speculative" key id support a
>SHOULD? I at least want to see all the client's being able to properly
>decrypt messages that use this feature.

I don't have a problem with the speculative keyID support but it does not address the underlying problem: Implementors not understanding basic concepts of e-mail encryption. I came across the issue of KeyID leakage back in '96 and documented it at:


Automated PGP processing can be a powerfull tool but there are complex issues involved and an application developer needs to spend the time at the design stage to do it properly.

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