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subkey binding sigs q

To all,

Does a subkey binding sig only perform the hash on the subkey (incl. 0x99, 
packet body and keys), as stated in 5.2.1 for a 0x18 signature type or:

does the hashable data for a subkey binding sig mirror that as stated in 5.2.4:

"A subkey signature (0x18) THEN hashes the subkey..."

I'm assuming the THEN means that you hash the main key before the subkey, 
subsequently contradicting 5.2.1.

PS: Where's the best place to insert a type 0x30 as it's not defined in 
11.1...before the certification sig or after...or doesn't it matter?

PSS: Are public and secret keyrings supposed to interoperate with other 
versions of OpenPGP?

PSSS: If PSS=yes, then shouldn't we define the makeup of a private/public 
key-ring better than that explained in 11.1 (re exact locations and order/s 
of packets etc etc).

Thanks for any clarifications.


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