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Fiber Optic Cable Needed !!

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Dear Sir(s),Ms., Mrs.,
                      I have a client looking for a large amount of Fiber optic cable for the year 2,001,starting in January . The specifications for the cable required are ; outside plant ,single mode ,single armor,single jacket,loose tube ,SMF28 or equivalent. The strand types needed are 12,24,48,72 and 96. The total fiber footage needed is over a half billion feet ! If you think you can help facilitate this order or any portion of it,please type "fiber specs" in your subject line and hit return and I will get you out the necessary information immediateley. Please feel free to call with any questions.

 Paul J. Milea jr.
Wing N' A Prayer Excess Property
3504 James Street
Syracuse,.New York ,USA 13206
ph 315 463 1287
fax 315 463 4337