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Re: Suggested DER Prefixes

"Jeroen C. van Gelderen" <jeroen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> >>>            In fact, there are those who feel safer with AES
> >>> at 128 than at
> >>> 256.
> >>
> >> Any particular reason(s)? Is there any merit to these reason(s)?
> >
> > The difficulty in obtaining 256 bits of key entropy?
> Hmm... if I read you correctly that would imply that AES-256 with a
> key containing 128 bits of entropy is less secure than AES-128 with a
> key containing 128 bits of entropy. Do you know of a document where
> this would be explained?

I certainly did not say "less secure", did I?  It's certainly
much SLOWER, and certainly is not MORE secure... 


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