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Re: Tag 11 unclear

On Wed, May 11, 2005 at 05:19:01PM -0700, Jon Callas wrote:
> >   " - File name as a string (one-octet length, followed by file name),
> >       if the encrypted data should be saved as a file."
> >
> >but no mention of what if it shouldn't be saved as a file. 0 length,
> >perhaps?
> >
> That's what I'd do.

Isn't _CONSOLE what is used when something shouldn't be saved as a
file?  I'd say zero length just means that the sender didn't give a
file name, whether because the data doesn't have one, or because the
filename is private, or even because it just didn't want to.

I think the 0 option for the literal timestamp is similar - it just
means the sender didn't give a time.  The recipient can interpret that
however it likes.