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Re: Chosen-ciphertext attack on receiver anonymity

Werner Koch <wk@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
>On Tue, 05 Jul 2005 15:13:53 +1200, Peter Gutmann said:
>> It's not just misleading, it's an absolute bastard to support for
>> implementors.  So I think it should be deprecated not only because it serves
>Decryption are 38 lines including verbose error checking and status

Well, in your implementation perhaps.  If you've got an interface that
supports a general-purpose key-fetch (fetch the key for this person or this
ID), not only is there no easy way to say "keep fetching whatever keys happen
to turn up until I tell you to stop" without maintaining state in the key-
source (making it non-multithreadable), but handling all of this stuff in an
implementation that's designed for "identify-key, fetch, decrypt" greatly
complicates the code.