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Re: Meet in Paris?

I'd be happy to put you on for 5-10 minutes?  I really don't
think it will slow down 2440bis.


Simon Josefsson <jas@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Derek Atkins <derek@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> Hi,
>> Do the members of this working group feel we need a meeting
>> in Paris?  I think we might want to meet in order to consider
>> work beyond 2440bis (e.g. PFS, Mail-Headers, or other work
>> that's been proposed).
> I would likely be around to talk about the OpenPGP mail header [1], if
> there is interest.  Feedback from OpenPGP experts on the usefulness of
> adding a "supports" token to the header is one open issue that may be
> useful to discuss.
> I'd hate to see anything slow down 2440bis further though.
> [1] http://josefsson.org/openpgp-header/

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