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Re: Encrypt subject

Hi Hal,

--On August 31, 2005 3:40:25 PM -0700 "Hal Finney" <hal@finney.org> wrote:

The problem is that almost no mailers support this.  Few enough even
support PGP/MIME, and then they would also have to be smart enough to
figure out what to do with an embedded email message.  Replacing the
enclosing message's headers with those from the embedded message is not
an obvious thing to do.

... it would probably be more
productive to work to get wider general support for PGP/MIME, along with
support for embedding email messages to protect the headers.

What would be useful is a hint to receiving clients to 'promote' the embedded message/rfc822 header out of the multipart/signed. Perhaps we could have a MIME header in the message/rfc822 part to indicate that. We could try something like:

Content-Disposition: promote-headers

or invent a new header for this purpose. The one benefit of Content-Disposition is that it is easily accessible via IMAP.

Cyrus Daboo