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Re: how close is OpenPGP tied to SHA1

On Mon, 02 Feb 2009 17:38:00 -0500 Ian G <iang@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Pole Two is "the one true cipher suite."  PGP 2 and so forth.  The 
>notion here is that you design it well, you design it balanced, 
>and you 
>plan on it lasting at least 10 years.  If not 20 or 30.  Then, you 
>the whole lot out in 10 years.
>For my money, Pole Two delivers much more bang for buck.  There 
>never been in modern history a complete collapse of a well-

be ready to say goodbye to pgp 2  ;-(

it won't work on 64 bit systems
(even Disastry's last version, 
where he compiled 3 different versions, one of which was a 32 bit 
but doesn't work on 32 bit system 
(not on windows anyway,
if anyone can get it to work on linux, please post, thanx)

the 16 bit version works on a 32 bit system,
but the 32 bit does not work on 64 or even 32 bit windows systems

(unless anyone wants to take a look at Disastry's 32 bit version of 
pgp.exe and suggest a patch ...)

i would say that there is a place for 'both' poles,
and while many users would like to be able to use both of them,
it may be too much to try to maintain backward capability with 
older systems that aren't being updated anymore


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