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Re: [openpgp] details of 4880bis work

>> When 2440 started, there was an agreement with the Security Area that OpenPGP would not be a "PKI" (whatever the heck that means), because there was already a PKI, namely PKIX.
> :-o
> I don't suppose it would have made much difference to us in OpenPGP, but it's nice to know how deep the rot ran at IETF.

To be fair to the other side, it's just another axis of the choices are good vs. choices are bad debate.

It wasn't the only one -- the IPsec people thought that SSL should not exist. SSL thought SSH should not exist (telnet over ssl as an alternative).  IPsec hated the port forwarding in SSL. POP hated IMAP. I can go on. And those are the ones that survived. And everyone hated SPKI. :-)

But, for example, the "there can only be one" effect made it so that SSH was limited in what they do, and so on and so forth.

Schiller did us *huge* favors in letting us do what we did. He just had to walk a tightrope.


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