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Re: [suse-security] amavis/antivir update problem

> Hello List
> I'm using amavis with antivir (h+bedv) on 8.1.
> Today my update-cronjob delivered the following:
> ---------------------snip-------------------------------------------------
> AntiVir has an update problem.
> A newer version of the following file(s) is available, however
> your license will not work correctly with the new version. You
> probably need to renew your license.
> ---------------------snip-------------------------------------------------
> I've checked the antivir-website, but haven't found anything about a new
> license... Is this just tactics and I'll have to go buy SuSE 8.2, or can I
> resolve this problem somehow?

You need a new license.
For linux and non commercial use you can obtail a 1-year-free license for

German link to the registrationform for private non commercial use:



Check the headers for your unsubscription address
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