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[suse-security] Problems with kernel update on 7.3


about two weeks ago I updated the kernel on a server that runs on SuSE 7.3 to 

Since that time some things don't seem to work like they should, e. g. wget 
can't create a connection to http://ftp.gwdg.de/pub... this means that fou4s 
is not working correctly.

The nightly cron job for fou4s spits out:
Warning: wget error 1
Warning: wget error 1 (patches.cont)

And I don't seem to be able to sync the time of the server using ntpdate:
14 Apr 00:15:08 ntpdate[8872]: no server suitable for synchronization found

And this did not happen because the time server was down ;-)

Did anyone else encounter strange problems after the recent recommended kernel 


Andreas Otto <andreas@xxxxxxxxxx>
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