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Re: [suse-security] Can't make losetup mount a crypto file to the loopback device (SuSE 8.2)

On Wednesday 30 Apr 2003 22:51, Bo Jacobsen wrote:
> I'm trying to mount a file to the loopback device but the losetup command
> complains about it.
> I'm using the command line:
>         losetup -e twofish /dev/loop0 /root/testfile
> losetup asks for a password but returns:
>     ioctl: LOOP_SET_STATUS: invalid argument
> when one is entered

I think I recognise this one; I seem to remember that you have to make sure 
your losetup is the "international" one, with encryption support compiled 
in.  I think I got around it by building the international version of 
util-linux (I seem to have the source here, so I must have patched it and 
compiled it myself at some point) and installing those versions of 
losetup/mount instead of the system ones.

The last time I got a kernel update I had to patch the kernel to make it the 
international version, too, but all this might just be because I'm still 
plugging away on suse 7.2...

All this was quite some time ago, though, so my memory may be playing tricks 
on me.  I do have it working with twofish here, though.


"It's the small gaps between the rain that count,
 and learning how to live amongst them."
	      -- Jeff Noon

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